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FAQ Have Questions?

Here are FAQ some of the most common questions we get asked.


Is it leagal to copy my key?
 In Vancouver Canada where Key Fob Express operates, RFID keys are considered the same as a psychical key in the eyes of the law.  There is no restriction in Canada on copying a key you legally own.  So duplicating an RFID key is no different then getting your house key copied at the local hardware store.  However if you are still concerned please check the local laws in your city.


How does it work?
Its really simple!  Our duplication process:
  • We use custom program to extract information out of your fob
  • Cipher keys are then used for demodulation process
  • The Key is then copied onto our donor fobs
  • We do multiple tests to make sure it works


What kind of keys can you clone?
 We can duplicate most type of keys. There are some encrypted keys that can not be duplicated, but luckily these are mostly used in high security commercial and government buildings.  Check to see if your key is on our compatible list and even if its not contact support to see if we can duplicate it.  There are hundreds of keys on the market so its impossible to list them all.


What if my key doesn’t work?
 It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes new clones just don’t work like they should. If you happen to get a clone that doesn’t work, get in touch with us at keyfobexpress@gmail.com and we’ll do you right. Promise.


Are there keys you won’t clone?

 Yes, some keys we will refuse to duplicate.  We don’t duplicate the following keys types:

  •            Corporate Identification Cards
  •            Government/Military Identification Cards
  •            State Issued Identification Cards
  •            Student Identification Cards
  •            Any card that appears to be some type of stored value card (bus cards, gift cards, etc)

We reserve the right to refuse any order we feel is being used for unethical or illegal purposes.


Do you ship or do service outside the Canada?
 We are excited to announce we now ship to Canada! We are working on expanding our services to even more counties soon.


How long does it take to clone my key?
Normally, it takes less than 5 minutes to clone each key fob.


Can you clone my key with the numbers printed on the back?
 Unfortunately not.  These numbers are often only a portion of the data on your card along with an order number from the manufacturer that has no relation to the data on your key.


Will anyone be about to tell I’m using a clone?
 Your duplicate key will be an identical clone of your original key.  The access control system will not register any difference between your original and the duplicate.  There are obvious physical differences in the duplicates and your original, this is why we stock neutral colors an never print a logo on our keys.


If my original key is deactivated will my clone still work?
No, your duplicates are identical copies of your original.  If your original key is deactivated or replaced your cloned keys would need to be sent back in to be reprogrammed.  We offer lifetime reprogramming for $4.99 when you purchase your duplicates, this allows for unlimited reprogramming.

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